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The Daily Star at 24

Stars share their views

Star Arts & Entertainment Desk

The Daily Star has just turned 24. In this period, the Arts & Entertainment page has grown from a black and white half-page daily publication to a full page published six days a week and a full-blown two-page centre fold on weekends.

Over the course of nearly two -and- a- half decades, the page has brought readers deep insights into the arts and entertainment scene of Bangladesh. A big part of that credit goes to those working in the field of arts and media, whose work has inspired the content produced on the page. Some of them congratulated The Daily Star on the landmark, and shared their observations and expectations about the publication.

Ramendu Majumdar, theatre and cultural personality 
The Daily Star has the best culture page, and it truly upholds Bengali culture as well as focusing on important issues.

When they dropped culture from two pages to one page, I was a little disheartened; nonetheless, you are doing well.

I wish The Daily Star all the best. I would love to read more critical appraisals apart from concrete news. 

Kobori, film actress
In a country where we don't have too many English newspapers, for a newspaper to run successfully for so long is commendable.

It has created a readership among the youth, which I think is significant. One of the best things about The Daily Star is that it does not complicate what it wants to say.

It is a favourite newspaper of mine, and I always like going through the Arts & Entertainment page, which is upholding our culture brilliantly.

I hope The Daily Star holds its position in the news media. My expectation from the Arts & Entertainment page is that it gives coverage to the most deserving artistes and works.

Alamgir, film actor

I have been a regular reader of The Daily Star for some time now.

The Arts & Entertainment section is doing a commendable job to boost artistes who are doing good work, so they deserve thanks for that.

However, I wish there was more news about the country's film industry; since I belong to that sector.

Of the other pages, I thoroughly enjoy the Editorial and Commentary pieces.

Runa Laila, singer
I heartily congratulate The Daily Star on its anniversary. Throughout its journey, the daily has earned a place of trust in the minds of readers, and has done very well to pay back that trust.

The Arts & Entertainment page represents us so I always look forward to it. I hope you will continue your good work, and give better coverage to musicians and singers.

Minu Haque, dancer-choreographer
I have worked at close quarters with The Daily Star since its inception, so it's very heartwarming to see the daily come so far.

I extend my heartiest congratulations to The Daily Star on this joyous occasion. It is a 'complete' newspaper that serves the news from all sectors with integrity.

I can speak particularly for the field of dance – it is quite under-appreciated in the mainstream media, print and electronic alike.

But The Daily Star has always promoted dance events and interviewed dancers and choreographers.

I wish The Daily Star many more successful years; I hope you continue to do more for the country's cultural scene.



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