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  • Abida Rahman Chowdhury

  • Fighting to save the giants of the seas

    A quick visit to the six no. Fisheries Ghat in the busy tourist town of Cox's Bazar and you will be greeted with the intense smell of the town's sludge flowing into the sea, and busy fishermen screaming their lungs out auctioning off their day’s catch of sea fish in all shapes and sizes.
  • Through Santal villages, midnight walks and ghost stories

    Smells evoke emotionally charged memories. Like the smell of freshly picked green mangoes after the season's first Kalbaishakhi or the smell of clothes washed with Chaka Ball soap and laid out to dry on the wires running along the village front yard. However, Beautiful Bangladesh—our tagline for tourism—has its inimitable share of horrible smells that also manage to etch themselves into our memories.
  • A Changing Noboborsho

    Those were the lean years, for Minu and her big family full of brothers and sisters. Post-war Bangladesh was still finding its way in the global political scene. Far, far away from the big city, Minu was growing up in a tiny village nestled by the vast Kalenga forest. It was 1978.
  • Old Dhaka Shakrain Festival 2018

    The Kite flyers of Old Dhaka

    As the rickshaw, painted bright with a distorted Bengal tiger and even more distorted images of Dhallywood stars, breaks through the sea of other rickshaws, the kites appear almost suddenly through the narrow old Dhaka skyline.
  • Not another Dodo please?

    "With their parallel lives, animals offer men a companionship different from any other human exchange. Different because it is a companionship offered to the loneliness of man as a species."