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  • Abu Afsarul Haider

  • To end poverty, we need peace and justice first

    Today we live in a world that is more divided than ever. It’s filled with hatred, double standards and hypocrisy, conflict, war, uncertainties and many other
  • Tackling the global refugee crisis

    For a moment, imagine yourself being forced out of your country. You are running for your life, leaving everything behind.
  • The ‘Get-Rich-Quick Syndrome’ and our dilemma

    How to get rich quick? That’s the question I once asked my professor of economics when I was studying in the United States in the late ‘80s. Without a moment’s hesitation, he said, “Well, son, if getting rich is really important to you, then you should probably not study economics, better go to any third world country and start your own business or just get into politics.”
  • Violence against women is a men’s issue

    Violence against women and girls is a major global issue. It is no more confined to a specific culture, region or country, or to particular groups of women within a society; it is prevalent in every corner of the globe that impacts women and girls,
  • The world is sadder, angrier and more fearful than ever

    Today, about 7.7 billion people call earth their home but our present home (world) is just not that happy of a place—at least, not according to the people living in it. Last year, US-based analytics firm Gallup conducted a global survey, asking 151,000 people in 143 countries