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  • Abu Saeed Khan

  • Broadband landscaping in post-Covid-19 Bangladesh

    Internet is keeping the world somewhat walking in the darkest hours of the Covid-19 pandemic. And mobile telephony is the tool that is keeping Bangladesh limping.
  • Big data in the coronavirus battle plan

    Coronavirus (the virus causing the disease Covid-19) has two universal problems: no vaccine or drug has been developed as yet, and the diagnostic tools are scarce.
  • regional internet hub

    Making Bangladesh a regional internet hub

    Bangladesh simultaneously exports and imports international internet bandwidth to and from the same country – India. Such unique-in-the world bandwidth trading started with import when Bangladesh was linked with the single submarine cable:
  • Cox's Bazar: India's third internet gateway

    Bangladesh simultaneously exports and imports internet bandwidth to and from India. Its geographic location and state of international connectivity have contributed to this interesting scenario.
  • Takeaway for Tarana as new state minister

    Tarana Halim is the new state minister for posts and telecommunications division under the posts, telecommunications and