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  • Adiba Mahbub Proma

  • Oroddho: Small steps towards a big difference

    While the western world has equipped itself with support centres, certified counsellors, and group therapy sessions to tackle mental health issues, Bangladesh has yet to get over its taboo surrounding it.
  • The spirituality of a sacred month

    With Ramadan finally here, the entire atmosphere is filled with a profound sense of spirituality, one that inspires people, and instills virtue. However, this spirituality is often felt and interpreted by different people in various ways, and Star Lifestyle decided to explore just that.
  • Giving back to society

    Has the rat-race of the busy city life left you exhausted and in a constant state of being in an existential crisis? If you answer yes, then perhaps it’s time to find new ways to give back to society!
  • Go deshi

    With the world moving towards ethical consumerism, Bangladesh is hardly lagging behind.
  • A tale woven in terracotta

    Etched in the heritage of Bengal is a delicate artform that has been perfected over centuries.