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  • Ahsan Habib

  • Gamblers having a field day at bourse

    At a time when the premier bourse and well-performing stocks are sinking, at least six stocks are swimming against the tide.
  • Nation of noodle lovers

    The noodle market has grown almost ten times in the last ten years thanks to growing urbanisation, becoming an easy and fast solution to hanger pangs in the fast-paced modern lunch and school lunch.
  • BB’s stimulus for stock market flops

    Only City Bank took up the Bangladesh Bank’s package for banks to invest in stocks, as yet another initiative of the government to prop up the flagging bourse falls flat.
  • Ring Shine crash lands

    Abdullah Hujaifah, a retail investor, was terribly excited when his name was drawn from the lottery for Ring Shine Textiles’ initial public offering (IPO).
  • ICB caving in under burden to prop up stocks

    Investment Corporation of Bangladesh is metamorphosing into a loss-making concern for making supporting the stock market its chief objective rather than making money, fattening the list of unprofitable state-owned enterprises.