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  • 'Nazrul Sangeet in Drama and Film'

    Star Melodies, an initiative of The Daily Star to promote Bangla music, hosted a musical soiree 'Nazrul Sangeet in Drama and Film' at The Daily Star – Bengal Arts Precinct of The Daily Star Centre, yesterday.
  • Mehazabien unveils Lever Ayush

    A modern and hectic lifestyle leaves minimal scope for recuperating from several adverse effects. We do not get enough time for natural healing, and the consequences of pollution, stress, and sleep deprivation linger on. Looking for swift remedies, many of us end up using products that often expose us to potential harm and side effects.
  • Knowledge, peace and progress through folk music

    A folk music festival was arranged on the weekend by Bangladesh Chhatra League's (BCL) Dhaka University (DU) unit at the Teacher-
  • Jiboner Jonno Rokto: Every drop counts

    24-year-old Asif Islam Abir, a student of Multimedia and Creative Technology at Daffodil International University and a freelance 3D artist, started the online based non-profit organisation called Jiboner Jonno Rokto in 2013.
  • Film Mistri Production- all set for construction

    Film Mistri is an online based production house that currently operates on the basis of crowdfunding- a process whereby an estimated amount of money is collected from the public for a specific project via the internet.