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  • Ali Riaz

    Ali Riaz is a professor at the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University (ISU), USA. His recent publication is entitled Bangladesh: A Political History since Independence (2016).

  • Democracy In Crisis: What we know and what we don't

    That democratic values and democratic institutions are in crisis all around the world is no longer a revelation; casual observation of the current global scene is enough to bear this out.
  • EVM: A Pointless Debate

    The Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) has successfully prompted an unnecessary debate just four months ahead of the national
  • Unmaking a 'lost generation'

    The dire warning of Unicef about the Rohingya children refugees in the camps in Bangladesh that they may become a “lost generation” warrants urgent and serious attention of the Bangladeshi policymakers and world leaders.
  • Will Myanmar fool the international community?

    Two recent developments have once again raised questions about the role of the international community with regard to the Rohingya refugee crisis.
  • COUNTER-TERRORISM STRATEGY: An Alternative Proposal

    Although the concept of confront-terrorism and related strategies have a long global history, the attack at the Holey Artisan Café on July 1, 2016 made counter-terrorism (CT) a topic of public discourse in Bangladesh.