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    Right from where you live to what you eat to the number of board exams you have to take in school to even the quality of the air you breathe in is impacted by politics, and being in denial of that is dangerous both for you and others surrounding you.
  • Fighting the Infodemic

    As people reading these might have already guessed, these behaviours have been influenced by information regarding the coronavirus outbreak. However, a more accurate thing to say would be misinformation or misguided ideas about the global pandemic.

    Babbel, the language learning app, has a channel on YouTube with 240 videos. But unlike many other YouTube videos that merely tell you how to say common words in different languages or focuses on a single language,
  • The Bangla dictionary we want

    A search on Google for ‘dictionary’ gives us results for various dictionaries, each with its unique characteristics. Looking for Bangla
  • The Public Display of Grades

    This might be hard to believe, but there are schools which openly display the grades of students. The practice has harmful consequences. However, there are those who defend it.