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  • Construction of multipurpose buildings in full swing

    Construction of the multipurpose complex in front of the Shilaidaha Kuthibari in Kushtia, where Rabindranath Tagore lived a part of life, is going on in full swing.
  • Level crossings a trouble for Chuadanga townspeople

    There are six level crossings in Chuadanga town through which trains pass 34 times a day, contributing to intense traffic jam, which is eating up almost five hours of townspeople every day.
  • A different Eid entertainmen in remote Kushtia village

    A Kabadi match held between two teams, comprising five male players each, has made a day blissful for the people of Mirpur upazila as those having one wife were in a team and those having two wives in another team.
  • Boro Farmers: Kushtia DC brings smiles to some

    Moyen Uddin was overjoyed after being able to sell his Boro paddy at a government procurement installation at a fair price, thanks to the proac-tive initiative from the Kushtia district commissioner.
  • Bangladeshi Farmers hurriedly harvest paddy

    Price woes for rice growers

    Although paddy farmers are poised to get a bigger harvest this year, low prices have sapped their joy in the 10 south-western districts of the country. The amount of paddy the government plans to buy directly from farmers would not help them much as well, they said while talking to The Daily Star yesterday.