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  • Anisha Hassan

  • Beauty regimens of the past : Still going strong

    Looking at our mothers, grandmothers, and their entire generations with supple, glowing skins can make us wonder what we are doing wrong, for their beauty seems everlasting, that too without a drop from bottled concoctions.
  • Décor mistakes that age the home

    Decorating mistakes are part of the homemaker’s coming of age process— even the best interior designers have had their fair shares
  • Floral delicacies

    Flowers are a joyous thing to look at, beautiful as decorations, appreciated in the home, and loved as gifts.
  • Rose Water for Skin Care

    A time tested beauty element, rose water is a popular ingredient in many skincare products all around the world today, because of its countless benefits.
  • Scarves and socks for winter

    It is time to put away our linens and cottons, and make room for lots of bulky clothes in our wardrobe.