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  • Anisur Rahman

  • Sport set to stir to life by year’s end

    As the country is gradually stirring back to life amid the threat of the coronavirus, the country’s sports fraternity too seems to be preparing to wake up.
  • Life goes on

    Social distancing and Covid-19 transmission are evidently not high on the list of concerns. For these workers, at an iron foundry in Shyampur, the most pressing issue in life is earning the basic living that would allow them to put food on the table back home.
  • Nobody around to hear players’ dismay

    Lack of professionalism in both the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) and the clubs, combined with the dysfunction in the Football Players’ Welfare Association (FPWA) has seemingly paved the way to the unpleasant decision of big pay cuts of footballers in the upcoming season, expected to start in December.
  • ‘Will give myself 7.5 out of 10’

    The Daily Star (DS): You are contesting for the president’s post of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for a fourth successive term. What has prompted you to run again?
  • ‘Our football is orphaned’

    “Football is now a platform for fake organisers to draw cheap publicity,” Manzoor Hossain Malu lamented.