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  • Eid dishes I will miss this year

    I am not much of a foodie. Like Josh Hutcherson playing the mean older brother in Zathura, the only thing I do know how to prepare (perfectly) is water.
  • The Great Gridlock

    Rashed tried to remain as courteous as possible, and looked for the man’s bags. After only five minutes in the crowd, Mr. Chowdhury yelled, “Ridiculous! I’ll wait in the executive lounge for first class passengers. You let me know after the luggage is here and you have called my cars.”
  • Is it the internet or is it just your mom?

    The internet has been around for as long as we can remember. And although our relationship with the internet has changed over the years, its ability to be there for us when we need it has not.
  • Stages of using Internet Explorer

    One sunny afternoon, I notice the icons on my computer and started reminiscing about the days I used to use Internet Explorer.
  • Vacationing Abroad

    A trip abroad is always a breath of fresh air for everyone. From sightseeing to exploring ruins till sunrise, the expectations are endless. Sadly, reality doesn't always meet our demands.