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  • Araf Momen Aka

  • Warrior

    “Fool!” he typed on his keyboard, with fervor and angst. He knew he was right. He knew they were in the wrong.
  • Learning the BCG matrix through your friend circle

    Ever wondered what universally accepted “techniques” marketing teams use to figure out the success/failure of particular brands? Well, today’s your lucky day, because today we’re about to learn how the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix works --- a box divided into four boxes that categorizes a brands portfolio according to the characteristics each of the four boxes represent.
  • DOOM MODS you have to try

    ​Blood, demons, danger, and high-octane entertainment.
  • The Wait

    He looked onwards at the sky. A long, hopeful stare. As if the longer he stared into the beautiful blue sky, the faster she would be here.
  • Blur

    He looked on in the distance with an empty stare. There was nothing particular those soulless pair of eyes were looking at. He did not care about what he was looking at. His mind could not fathom whatever was going on around him. Quite honestly, he wasn’t even