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  • Ashfaque Swapan

    The writer is an Atlanta (US) based freelance journalist.

  • Amazon Kindle, here we come!

    Online juggernaut Amazon owns Kindle, the 600-pound gorilla in the US electronic book space. Its global presence is also formidable.
  • Not a blue wave, but a blue tsunami

    In “The War of the Worlds,” HG Wells’ science fiction novel, the world is brought to its knees by a vastly more technologically advanced species. The tides are turned after the humble bacteria triumphs where man failed, felling the Martians.
  • Is it really different this time? Maybe

    In the long tortuous history of the battle for the emancipation of Blacks that continues to this day in the US, progress has sometimes been so slow, and recalcitrant racist biases have been so resistant to change, that the tardy progress or lack thereof has been a cause of bitter frustration.
  • Crisis not Trump’s fault alone

    Sometimes you wonder in bafflement.
  • The Fire Next Time!

    A horrified world is watching as the US goes up in flames. An appalling racist murder by police has triggered protests in more than 140 US cities. Rioting, looting, cities ablaze, police brutality, night curfews in major cities—it’s all happening. The federal administration is ratcheting up tensions by unleashing the US military.