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  • Jibanananda Das: Poetics, Politics, Political Economy

    Jibanananda Das (1899-1954) is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets in the Bengali language. His poetry in particular has already made possible a staggering range of interpretive adventures and hermeneutic excavations, although he wrote 21 novels and 110 short stories that were discovered after his death.
  • Of Itching and Scratching

    I, an itching palm? —William Shakespeare
  • Professor Serajul Islam Choudhury.

    Serajul Islam Choudhury: Our leading literary and cultural critic

    Life is all about enjoying work,” said Serajul Islam Choudhury on his eightieth birthday. Widely acclaimed as our foremost intellectual and as our leading literary and cultural critic, Choudhury exemplifies nothing short of phenomenal productivity. Today—June 23—
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam and Our Struggle for Emancipation

    I am a poet of the present, and not a prophet of the future. […] My birth in this country and this society does not mean that I shall remain constricted and confined to them. No, I belong to all countries and to the entirety of humanity. —Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Serajul Islam Choudhury - Our Leading Intellectual and Inspiration

    He confronts, challenges, and combats the world with words. But his words become more than words. They morph into weapons in our struggles against oppression and injustice. For him, of course, writing is fighting. But, then, he is more than a combative writer.