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  • Badiul Alam Majumdar

    The writer is Secretary of SHUJAN: Citizens for Good Governance.

  • ‘Coronavirus Resilient Villages’

    Bangladesh was unable to put in quarantine 213 students who came from the Chinese city of Wuhan—where the coronavirus originated—in early February and the subsequent influx of hundreds of thousands of people from countries like Italy where the virus was causing havoc.
  • Why Kerala has succeeded in controlling coronavirus

    A recent headline in Prothom Alo (June 26, 2020) stated, “Amartya Sen and Noam Chomsky showered Kerala with praise for their successful containment of the coronavirus”.
  • Community-level intervention is the answer

    On April 16, as coronavirus continued to spread through the country, the government declared all of Bangladesh to be at risk from the pandemic.
  • Complacency, not panic, is the real danger

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the spread of coronavirus a global pandemic. Over 14,000 people have died and nearly 350,000 have been infected, although there is uncertainty about the numbers as many of those infected may not show symptoms.
  • From Sheikh Mujib to Father of the Nation

    In 1964, I was enrolled as a student at the University of Dhaka (DU) and became active in student politics, although my involvement began during the education movement of the early 1960s.