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  • Badiuzzaman Bay

    The writer is a member of the editorial team at The Daily Star.

  • ‘Bangladesh should stay alert and observe Assam situation’

    First of all, this demonstrates the extent to which politicians can go to exploit an issue and the devastating effect that it may have. After the release of the final NRC in Assam, the number of the excluded came down to 1.9 million (an earlier list had excluded about 4 million).
  • Rape: It’s not all about patriarchy

    Does the outpouring of anger and grief after some of the high-profile rape crimes in recent months signal a social awakening?
  • Blessings and beatings: The cost of being a Ducsu VP

    Twenty-eight years is a long time to wait. It takes a lot of sitting, sweating and soul-searching to do to get through it, a lot of courage to start again once it’s over, and a lot of catching up to do as a new phase begins under a different sky and far different circumstances.
  • After You, Mr VIP

    Like all things bad and ugly in Bangladesh, the latest offensive against our sanity is playing out in a wearily predictable fashion.
  • Desperate times, desperate beatings?

    As of July 23, seven people died and at least 35 were injured in mob beatings sparked off by a rumour about human heads being collected—yes, you heard it right—for the construction of Padma Bridge, the dream project of the Awami League government.