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  • Badiuzzaman Bay

    The writer is a member of the editorial team at The Daily Star.

  • When extraordinary courage meets unthinking response

    It would appear from the relative calm on the streets and in universities that the student movement, which has catapulted an entire generation of teenagers into adulthood in just a matter of days, is over.
  • From inside Barisal, glimpses of the future of leadership?

    For all the talk about change, the history of modern-day Bangladesh is a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks that politics is an instrument of change and democracy a deliverer of justice. Bangladesh flirts with the idea of change but seeks accommodation with the status quo.
  • Barisal set on a collision course as old meets new

    As we cruised into the Kirtankhola River near Barisal, the sun had just begun to rise. A faint outline of a long line of trees and structures appeared on the horizon. It was a welcome sight after a night in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, sailing through mile after mile of unknown waters.
  • Truth is not a smear campaign

    On July 28, 2016, The Daily Star reported the release of the International Telecommunication Union's ICT Development Index that showed that Bangladesh had the lowest Internet penetration in South Asia, with just 14.40 percent of the population having connectivity to Internet.
  • Gazipur election: The apple didn't fall far from the tree

    And so, the long-anticipated election that has brought together familiar foes for yet another battle of wits and wagers is finally over.