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  • How will the global economic downturn affect the Bangladesh economy?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented economic loss, which was more severe in the first half of 2020 than was earlier anticipated.
  • Can the health sector withstand the threat of Covid-19?

    Bangladesh is celebrated as a development success in South Asia and has outperformed many of its neighbours on social development indicators.
  • We need a national action plan to contain the Covid-19 fallout

    Like most countries, Bangladesh is going through an unprecedented crisis following the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of both health and economic outcomes, with increasing number of infected cases and deaths from Covid-19, and severe economic losses in terms of production, exports and remittances, resulting in considerable unemployment, loss of income and rising poverty.
  • Addressing underutilisation of labour

    Bangladesh has been making steady economic progress over the past decades. But Bangladesh will not be able to achieve eight percent GDP growth rate by 2020 unless major concerns relating to its labour force and employment are adequately addressed.