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  • Biru Paksha Paul

    The writer is visiting fellow at Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) and guest faculty at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University.

  • Why the growing unemployment rate

    Why the growing unemployment rate should worry us

    When I approached a car insurance company to discuss ways to reduce my insurance cost, the manager advised me to take a study course on defensive driving,
  • Time to let the youth shine

    Had Shakespeare been alive and the opportunity to visit Bangladesh, he would have withdrawn his poem, “Crabbed Age and Youth.” Instead, seeing Bangladesh's politicians, he would have written a new poem, “Shining Age and Subdued Youth.” Rabindranath too would disown his poem, “Expedition of the Youth (Taruner Abhijan).”
  • Why abolishing the quota system is necessary

    While the prime minister's statement on quota abolition in public services has prevented a volcano from erupting, many are shedding crocodile tears to keep the unfair quota system with some temporary treatments; and so the call for reform continues.
  • No negative reporting, please!

    Matern-al uncle, or mama, is an affectionate character in the lives of Bengalis. A typical mama is expected to indulge every whim of his nephews and nieces.
  • How about reforming the viva system next?

    There aren't many moments in my life as an ordinary writer where my writings on banning the quota system have gone in vain. I had come to my workplace in the morning and finished the piece in three hours.