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  • Bishakha Devnath

  • Pollution by 'plastic' campaign

    Plastic banners are everywhere -- on lampposts, walls, flyover pillars and footbridges. Politicians use them for their publicity.
  • The challenges of childhood diabetes

    Three-and-a-half-year-old Ashfia Waniya slumped over a desk at the children's ward in a city hospital on November 4, her legs swinging below. She was waiting for her turn to come for a diabetes checkup.
  • When outrage becomes selective

    It is with both despair and indifference that I have witnessed the episodes that have unfolded following the TV talk show in which barrister Mainul Hosein insulted journalist Masuda Bhatti by saying she was "choritroheen" (immoral), when asked tough questions.
  • Bangladeshi worker Mohiuddin Jailed in Malaysia

    Term over, not 'punishment'

    There were three Ripons in the same friend circle. That's why one of them was given the nickname Sipon. That name, affectionately tossed out, cost the man 16 years of his life, following a murder in the Old Dhaka area where he used to reside with his family.
  • 'But we're not employees here'

    Abul Kalam dabs a wet swab on a baby's right arm, unperturbed by the infant's scream in pain from burns. His experienced gloved hands run quickly and carefully from the child's elbow down to his fingers as he dresses the wounds.