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  • No point shying away from reality

    “I believe my product (football) will be good in future,” legendary footballer Kazi Salahuddin commented during an exclusive interview with The Daily Star two months after he was elected for his first term as president of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) in 2008. He added he was treating the high expectations like an extra challenge rather than a burden.
  • ‘Only proper activities can reduce anxiety’

    “The tough part for anyone is changing lifelong habits, but you can never underestimate the human mind’s ability to adapt to any crisis or any changing situation, which has been proven time and again throughout human history.”
  • Cavalier attitude the biggest hindrance

    There are a lot of risks and fears as the coronavirus situation in the country is not improving much. Still, life is going on and people from different walks of life are trying to find ways to survive in the new normal.
  • A return both empty and fulfilling

    The great Eduardo Galeano, in his masterpiece ‘Football in Sun and Shadow’, wrote that “playing without their fans (club fans) is like dancing without music”.
  • Bashar picks his best memories

    It could be said that the ‘fearless’ version of the Tigers first appeared when Habibul Bashar led Bangladesh to a five-wicket win over India at the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad in the 2007 World Cup.