C R Abrar | The Daily Star
  • C R Abrar

    Professor of International Relations at the University of Dhaka. He researches and writes on rights and migration issues.

  • Shrinking space for cultural and artistic freedoms

    It was a peaceful cultural exhibition on a burning issue; an issue that has been haunting thousands of families of victims and resonating among millions of conscientious citizens of the land and beyond.
  • Conjuring victims into villains

    It was a repeat performance of some sort. The drama was based on the same script; the acts were played out on the same locations; while the characters representing the state remained almost the same. Their adversaries in this episode arrived from Vietnam.
  • Pardoned in host countries, incarcerated in Bangladesh

    “Last month, we got to know Shaheen has come back. He said he will have to stay in quarantine for two weeks… His mother and I were waiting for him when we suddenly received a phone call… He told us he is in Kashimpur jail,” narrated Shaheen’s disappointed father to a reporter of The Daily Star.
  • Murder on Marine Drive

    There have been some important developments following the murder of Major Sinha on July 31 in Teknaf. The family was able to file a case without much of a hindrance.
  • Covid-19 And The Rohingya: Hunger, exploitation, hate crimes and xenophobia

    “We are the same human being like you and need the same basic rights which you enjoy. Please don’t hate us. We don’t want to be a burden. Allow us to study and work, and stand by us. We will surely return home.”