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  • Chowdhury Tasneem Hasin

  • Managing polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    Few women in our society realise that while PCOS is a serious health issue, simple adjustments in their diet can aide in the treatment and desired recovery.
  • Make food safe again

    Eid-ul-Azha is just around the horizon. However, preservatives, various additives, tainted animal feed, and antibiotics have been inundated in the news, making people think twice about what’s on their plates on this holy occasion.
  • Nutrition needs for summer

    It’s a natural trend to eat light during summer, and shift from high calorie food to things much lower. Dehydration is a common possibility due to excess perspiration and that’s the time when people feel like reaching out for something cold like sodas, beverages or even cold water.
  • Ramadan for children

    Parents are often faced with a predicament of managing young children who wish to fast. It is not a bad idea to make preparations as soon as Ramadan starts, or even before.
  • low nutrition foods

    Life cycle & Nutrition: First 1000 days

    The “National Nutrition Week 2019” kicked off on April 23, with this year’s focus theme on the nutrition requirements of children’s, and their mothers’, first 1000 days.