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  • Dr Mahmood Kazi Mohammed

  • The chronicle of a health worker

    More than a hundred countries are affected by vitamin A deficiency.
  • Menstrual hygiene in Bangladesh

    Breaking the silence: menstrual hygiene in Bangladesh

    The taboo around menstrual health is still as prevalent in the society of Bangladesh as it was for many years — despite the issue concerning half of the population. These taboos emerge from an absence of proper awareness and management of menstrual hygiene, causing more complications to the already sensitive and painful occurrence.
  • Insights on liver transplant

    A liver transplant is an operation to remove a diseased or damaged liver and replace it with a healthy one. It is usually recommended
  • Stomach problems in winter

    The digestive system can be a source of considerable illness in winter if people eat the wrong food and don't rug up.
  • A quest for critical care

    In a country like Bangladesh, emergency medical care or critical medical services are very scanty. There are extreme low number of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds for the entire nation. Dr Raghib Manzoor Dr Raghib Manzoor, who is mainly an anaesthesiologist, shared some insights in this regard with Star Health recently.