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  • Ehsanur Raza Ronny

    Primary life roles: Confused dad, all round car guy, model car builder and cartoonist. Currently Editor of Shift (automobiles), Bytes (technology) and Next Step (career) for the Daily Star. Previously did four years hard labour in advertising before starting Shift and Next Step in 2013 while also re-branding the previous tech publication as Bytes.

  • Ogling vintage cars and food at Rot Fai Market, Bangkok

    Rot Fai Market means Train Market because it is situated near the train tracks behind the famous and massive Chatuchak Market. Consider it like a museum where you get to take food and drinks inside.
  • Huawei Nova 3e

    The Huawei Nova 3e is an exercise in how to make a mid-range play a similar game as the big players. It brings together some of the
  • Suzuki Intruder 155

    Polarising. That would be the only way to describe this new cruiser from Suzuki. It looks unlike anything else on the market but people
  • How to appear charitable and cool

    Charity is becoming an urban verb much like the word Google. We Google. We Uber. And in a similar vein, many of us Charity. It is such a cool thing to do. And it is such a cool tool for paving our way to social acceptance. Just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
  • The designer that democratised HW – Jun Imai

    Jun Imai is synonymous with the growth of young JDM car fans. He was designer and director of product design at Hot Wheels from 2004 till just a while ago. He had a background in automotive design.