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    In the race of getting work done in time and meeting the hundred deadlines looming over you every other day, the following apps will help you better cope with the stress that life throws your way. To make things even easier for you, all the apps listed here are free of cost, and available for download in Android and iOS platforms, desktops and tablets.
  • The weal and woe of multitasking

    Multitasking seems to be an inescapable route in the age of the internet, all-nighters and endless procrastination sessions.
  • Work perks you should negotiate

    Generally, we are so focused on the net salary we are going to get in a job that we often fail to focus on what may be equally, if not more tempting in the job package- the additional benefits or perks that come with it. So make sure to look for some of these rewarding incentives before settling for that job of your dreams.
  • improve your business writing

    Working in business means dealing more with sales and profit margins, and less with writing or articulate literature. Most fail to realise that the challenges involving better sales or marketing is closely related to how effectively we communicate via emails, written media, or content advertising platforms. With that in mind, the following guideline may help in avoiding confusion in all written media by aiding you in getting your message across to your stakeholders.
  • Developing your creative confidence

    We often don’t realise that self-deprecating behaviour leaves the most harmful impact on our creative thinking. Always worrying,