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  • For Development or Distraction?

    It can prove to be a challenge nowadays, for companies and managers to keep the millennial or gen Z employees focused on the work they're supposed to be doing rather than on the devices that keep inviting every form of distraction cluttered around in offices.
  • 4 more tips on meeting manners

    Every work week brings with it more meetings, and more stress. We've got some tips for you, so that your life, and your meetings get just a little easier.
  • Mind your meetings

    Matt Mullenweg had once jokingly questioned, “Has anyone ever said, I wish I could go to more meetings today?” Most definitely never, unless the meetings are conducted by the World's Best Boss, Michael Scott, from The Office.
  • From the pages of the bullies and the bullied

    You may think that the phenomenon of bullying is only present at educational institutions, but in reality, you will find bullies no matter where you go.
  • MBBS admission exam result 2018

    I've got an MBBS degree. Now what?

    It is quite common for MBBS students to regret their decision to go into this field, so much so that many wonder after going