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  • Clubs that should exist within your family

    Have you ever noticed how some of your family members always end up arguing about national and global affairs every time the world decides to bring them together for Eid? Take these people and put them in MUN club. This will make it easier for them to suggest ways
  • The metro rail is better than Daenerys’ dragons: A scientific study

    The Dragon Queen may have ruined horses for Jon Snow after letting him fly on one of her dragons, but the metro rail is going to ruin all the rides Jon has ever been on after it’s completed.
  • Realisations that hit us too late at university

    You know how we always realise the mistakes we make only when it is too late for us to undo them? Well, it turns out that this instinctive habit of ours ends up haunting our university life as well.
  • Things you can do in a business competition but not in an arranged marriage

    The resemblance between the two is uncanny no matter how you think about it. Yet, when you rally all your brain cells together and think deeply enough, you will realise how the two are not so different from one another yet, why one of them might be better than the other.

    “Growing up in a household of amazing cooks, it was difficult to not fall in love with cooking. I had always wanted to enrol in a culinary school right after finishing A Levels.