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  • Pokémon and where to find them in Bangladesh

    The world of Pokémon is expanding and today, it has reached our doorsteps right here in Bangladesh.
  • Overhauling your LinkedIn profile

    LinkedIn is now the go to place for employers when they are looking for potential candidates to serve their company.
  • The generation that cares about the climate

    When 16-year old Greta Thunberg decided to take her concerns about the degrading climate outside the Swedish parliament back in August of last year, no one could have predicted how great of an impact it would end up having on the young generation. Her actions got noticed, and soon, it took the form of a movement. A year later, and we find ourselves amidst the biggest climate protest this world has ever seen — the global climate strike.

    Intern: A student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification – Oxford Dictionary
  • Starting your own coffee shop

    We are probably the first generation to have wasted our lives in coffee shops. From casual hangouts to dates, we have all spent a large amount of our time inside these cafés. Even during the time of different festivals, you will find yourself and your friends inside one of these shops once it’s past 5 PM.