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  • Video Game Deals to Keep You Sane

    You do NOT want to miss out on these amazing deals.
  • Riding the wave of uncertainty

    With the grappling fear and uncertainty of what the future holds for us looming over our heads, it can become increasingly difficult to look forward to the future we once had all thought out.
  • Board Games

    Board games you can play online

    Social distancing is unchartered territory, bottled up in our homes, texts and calls just don’t seem to really imitate the solidity of interacting and hanging out with your friends and loved ones.
  • What to do with old tech

    Everyone gets stuck with obsolete and unwanted tech, some of us shove them into a box and hoard it for months. Electronics aren’t meant to last forever and eventually all end up unwanted, so what do we do then?
  • Unconventional Subjects in a Conventional Society

    Disapproving glances and doubtful frowns follow the not-so-average student in their despicable journey to higher education. Because the student, in this instance is one that has made the horrible decision of taking “easy” subjects. Where will the arts, humanities and languages ever get you?