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  • The untapped potential of the healthcare industry of Bangladesh

    In regards to this, Dr Shagufa Anwar, Director of Communication and Business Development at United Hospital Limited, shares her opinions and experience.
  • Millennials doing it right!

    As we advance in life from being toddlers to adolescents, then teenagers and adults, and once we finally embrace parenthood, we begin to decipher the circle of life. Although the stages every individual goes through remain the same, the process is in a constant state of modification as we transition from one generation to the next.
  • Sabah Khan pays tribute to local artisans: The rising pillar in fashion

    Sabah Khan, an iconic name in the fashion scenario of Bangladesh, reveals her journey as a fashion enthusiast. Starting off as a leisure pursuit that stemmed from admiring her mother’s proclivity for dressmaking, she attributes her penchant for designing and aesthetics towards her mother.
  • Women thriving in the corporate sector

    In order to promote such views towards the society at large regarding how an organisation plays a significant role to help women climb the corporate ladder, three amazing women from BAT Bangladesh share their views and experiences on this topic.
  • The (hidden) cost of being a woman

    Albeit the discrepancies that persist, women have made notable progress, whether by breaking the glass ceiling at work to some extent or by successfully highlighting their contribution towards the economy.