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  • What’s so good about The Good Place?

    The Good Place is one of Michael Schur's bests; a light-hearted comedy with a profound underlying moral lesson, to be good.
  • A Quick Quiz

    What kind of bread are you? Which Hogwarts house do you belong to? Who is your celebrity lookalike?
  • When Paper Does Art

    Over the years, paper quilling has gained immense popularity because of its straightforward and self-explanatory learning technique and easily procurable materials.
  • Some Like It Hot

    The painful yet delightful sensation of chillies make us crave more. But why do we partake in this self-inflicted culinary torture even after being aware of the agonising bathroom breaks at the end of the day?
  • Unlearning your toxic behaviours

    Toxic behaviours sprout from the overexertion to get unmet needs satisfied or simply because of the lack of a proper coping mechanism. As much as it is draining to be stuck in an abusive dynamic, the more liberating it is to break free.