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    Coffee Hair Colour is a thing

    In 2021, despite the gloom, we fight back by keeping our souls lifted and dreaming of better times. And what can keep us motivated better than a gorgeous shade on our manes.
  • The Shiny Velvet by House of Ahmed

    House of Ahmed recently launched their winter ethnic wear collection - A Velvet Affair, designed to add sophistication and a splash of colour to our monotonous lives.
  • Frozen in Time by Grace Moon and Azim Uddula

    December 27, 2020 witnessed yet another fiery ramp-display breathe life back into the momentarily halted Dhaka fashion scenario.
  • New normal functionality, good old elegance

    Faced with the impossibility of a runway show amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Zurhem – one of Dhaka’s very own luxury fashion labels, organised
  • Traditional versus the Avant-Garde Bride

    The biggest sartorial shift in the wedding arena is the emergence of the shirt blouses, pants as petticoats, and roomy capes over saris. Even to the most open minded, these styles maybe ‘a bit too much’ for the ‘deshi’ bride.