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  • Fatiul Huq Sujoy

    Fatiul Huq Sujoy is a tired soul (mostly because of his frail body) who's patiently waiting for Hagrid to appear and tell him, “Ye're a saiyan, lord commander.” Suggest him places to travel and food-ventures to take at:

  • Stages of amateur software development

    As foretold by our forefathers since age forgotten, a CS student must bring forth to the world a software.
  • A rant on rush trips

    Before we criticise and praise the different aspects of a “rush trip”, we need to define it. Any trip that tries to cover multiple distant places in the shortest possible timeframe and the least possible expense can be regarded as a rush trip.
  • Excuses to use in badminton

    Look, we've all been there. It starts with the shuttlecock in the air, landing near you with a seemingly predictable projectile motion.
  • Bhutan on a Budget

    Bhutan, simply put, is an aesthetic land from all corners – from the mountain passes and temples to their architecture and persona. But with that beauty comes a price too high for us students. If you're planning to explore the “dragon's den” on a budget then I have just the plan for you.
  • Helm of the Kraken

    Mokbul always prided himself to be a level headed person, a little more intelligent than the rest of his fellow fishermen, especially those of his own crew. When the drought had cursed the river, he was the one to suggest taking up alternative ventures, like construction work for the land owners or the share business.