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  • Rupnagar Slum Cylinder Blast: Bleak days ahead for victim families

    Ten days after the Rupnagar gas cylinder blast in Mirpur, 13-year old Bishwajit can barely see in his left eye.
  • What remains of the ‘jheel’ in Motijheel

    If you go to Motijheel and look for the proverbial “jheel” the financial hub of the capital is named after, you will be disappointed.
  • A museum waiting to be discovered

    Did you know in the early days of the postal system, a “dak harkara” (runner/postman) -- attired in bright uniform with badges, satchel full of mail on his back, armed with a spear for self-defense, a lantern in hand to show the path and jingling bells or bugle to announce his arrival ahead of time -- was the protagonist in mail delivery?
  • BGMEA building set to be demolished this week

    Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) is finally set to demolish the 15-storey BGMEA building later this week.
  • ‘All talk, no action’

    Despite the record spread of dengue fever this year, Bangladesh is yet to form a vector control centre and integrated vector guideline, both of which are essential to control vector-borne diseases.