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  • Weird animals with even weirder names

    We are sharing our world with 8.7 million species. The vast majority, almost 86 percent is yet to be discovered, studied and ultimately, catalogued.
  • Living with a Turtle

    In the first week after bringing her home, Missy was lost. It took a family of four to hunt down a two-and-half-inch-long, walking dust bunny from under the study table.
  • Bye, zitface

    Growing up, acne has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Fresh faces never rang a bell. It was the tiny bumps and lumps of pre-teen years, exciting at first and then progressively distressing, that sprouted here and there for about a decade. As terrible as it gets, its dominion advanced.
  • How to read a research paper

    There will come a time in our lives when we must take up the gruelling task of reading scientific journals. Sifting through pages after pages and losing sanity over the jargon is a given. Reading these papers is a highly active job requiring multiple rounds of re-reads,
  • Acne scars everything

    “What’s happened to your face?”