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  • Iftekharuzzaman

    The writer is Executive Director, Transparency International Bangladesh.

  • Why does money laundering enjoy impunity in Bangladesh?

    The Swiss Banking authorities published their annual update on deposits of foreign nationals, including Bangladeshis, on June 25. It shows 603.2 million Swiss Francs or Tk 5,367 crores invested by Bangladeshis, which is 2.38 percent less than that in 2019.
  • Mainstreaming anti-corruption in statecraft

    The enthusiastic national celebrations of the Mujib Year have the potential of a great historical value in many different ways.
  • Voting in an intimidated and monopolised space

    By all credible indications, voting in the two city corporations of the capital has taken place in an uneven playing field—an electoral space that has been intimidatingly patrolled to ensure its monopolisation.
  • Do we have the political will to improve?

    Transparency International (TI) released its Corruption Perception Index 2019 on January 23, 2020. Bangladesh has scored 26 out of 100, the same as in 2018.
  • A synopsis of the battle against corruption in 2019

    The year 2019 was essentially business as usual in terms of corruption in Bangladesh, as it continued to a be challenge of ever-increasing concern except for two notable features that drew public attention.