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  • Intisab Shahriyar

  • One world one family

    Let’s get one thing straight from the start; carbon dioxide is good for the planet— in moderation. In the same way that eating some Puran Dhaka’r kacchi is good sometimes, but if eaten every day, your days are numbered.
  • There and back again

    One of the first indications of adulthood is not the responsibility or earning, it is simply saying goodbye to vacations. Gone are the days of weeks and months off for Eid, or summer vacations. At this stage, you’d be lucky to just get two days off from work.
  • Staying cool the right way

    What do you think is the most underrated invention from the 20th century? No, you are quite wrong, it’s the air conditioner. Imagine how many hotel bookings you have cancelled when you found out the room wasn’t air conditioned.
  • UHD: The only way to TV

    If you are a 90s kid, you are one of the few who can truly appreciate the strides we have made in terms of image quality. Most of us grew up with VHS, which had a resolution of 333X480 pixels. Let that sink in for a minute… and that the cheapest smartphones you can buy on the market now have resolutions twice over and then some.
  • View the future with QLED

    The television has come a long way since its fat boxy days. If you want to know just how far, simply walk into an electronics showroom, and have a look at a 60+ inch OLED TV and prepare to have your mind blown. With that gorgeous 4K resolution, each and everything you see on those panels look even better than real life.