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  • Iqra L Qamari

  • Of panic and pandemic

    Remember that cruel, old joke about the bear and the two men—the one where upon being attacked, one of them, panicky, starts hurrying with the intention of outrunning the grizzly carnivore, while the other, appearing more relaxed, says to the other, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, just you”?
  • Save the environment, not posters

    With the Dhaka City Corporation election ready to roll out next month, the capital is brimming with a palpable air of electoral mood.
  • The shepherd of floating dreams

    I sometimes think of Dhaka as an ancient twisted folk tale—one with a mystical, rusty lamp with a faux genie.
  • When the monsters came out of the closet

    It is the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. A little girl goes to a neighbour’s house to apply mehendi on her hands. A skip in her step.
  • Fighting a different kind of war

    Being a millennial, finding the time and desire to indulge in the act of “simply doing nothing” is a grinding process. The Dutch have even coined a term for this luxury: “Niksen”, which, in plain English, translates to “enjoying idleness” and which, in plain reality, is an almost impossible task for Gen Y.