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  • Winter vibes with Sozpodor

    With a demand for local winter-ready clothes that fit the style quotient, Tenzing Chakma has added an eye-catching and elegant lineup to his Sozpodor line of clothes.
  • Essentials of maintaining oral hygiene

    The concept of wellbeing of the whole body is more important than ever, and yet, the teeth are not in the priority zone for most people’s checklist.
  • Pizza Hut Gulshan: New hut, same pizza!

    After 16 years of tasty pizzas and memorable offers, Pizza Hut’s Gulshan outlet has moved to a new address. The original outlet, opened in 2003, was a popular landmark destination, and a beloved place for meet-ups, birthdays, or even simple get-togethers all through the week. And you can now enjoy these same adventures at their new address, just 30 metres away!
  • Kidulting: Growing up to grow down

    Take a good look at your expenses of any month. Chances are you have bought something that is more appropriate for your pre-teen niece or nephew, or your own child rather than yourself. But there it is, sitting on your desk or gracing your showcase, proudly yours!
  • Behind the scenes of Dan Cake Bangladesh

    The sheer volume of packaged snacks in the local market is mind boggling! And with that come the dregs of doubt; what exactly is being put inside these edibles, packed under eye-catching wrappings?