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  • Open letter to the bride’s father

    Dear fathers, whose daughters are three months to a year away from the BIG day --
  • NeoFarmers Delivering the next generation of natural products

    Everyday essentials are faced with challenges like never before – food and daily use products are filled with harmful chemicals and compounds which should not come in contact with the human body.
  • Karl Lagerfeld — The one and only K

    Earlier this year, in February, the fashion world mourned the death of this acclaimed fashion designer, known for his innovative, in-the-moment style.
  • Bohemia on your table

    Living room décor is no longer the stiff and by the book styling taken off a magazine, but of course, there is a great distinction between a helter-skelter mess and a strategically casual setup.
  • Earrings your way

    Here’s a common scenario — you are picking jewellery for a semi-formal outing, or for work and suddenly you are stuck. Your earrings are either too long or too large. Your go-to usual ear-top sits there like ’meh’ and you are left wondering why you always