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  • An untold story of Black liberation in the Amazon

    The New World, as started by Spanish and Portuguese authorities followed by the Dutch and the English, was built on the amputated bodies of countless indigenous and Black people.
  • The Code Name for a Bloodstained Era

    Vincent Bevins is an award-winning journalist who covered Southeast Asia and Brazil for the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times respectively.
  • Nurturing warmth with sweet freeze

    Gelatos has always been a favourite at our dinner tables serving as the prime dessert course. They pack a brilliant punch of intensified flavour, making it the perfect complement to have in any setting.
  • 2020’s top astrophysicist Tonima Tasnim Ananna from Bangladesh explains just why black holes are so cool

    Bangladeshi astrophysicist Tonima Tasnim Ananna, who recently topped the 2020 edition of Science News (SN) magazine's SN 10: Scientists to Watch, has been lauded for her outstanding groundbreaking research on black holes. Toggle caught up with Ananna for a chat, in hopes of understanding the fascinating phenomena of black holes.
  • Hairstyles to get the groove on

    In a year that has generally been nothing short of surprises in every way, it has been quite an eventful journey for the hair follicles of men as many of us have decided to let our hair grow, all the way through the sides to beyond shoulder length.