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  • Kazi Md Shaimul Reza

  • Addressing pandemic fatigue

    It is hard to not be appalled by the sheer apathy many people are showing towards the health measures put in place to fight the pandemic – masks are barely seen covering both nose and mouth of the wearer properly, if at all; droves of people are casually visiting entertainment hubs
  • Commonly ignored warning signs of colorectal cancer

    The world has been left distraught by the premature demise of ‘King T’Challa’ on August 28, 2020. After a four-year battle with colorectal cancer,
  • Joker hits theaters

    A mainstream Hollywood psychological thriller opening to an eight-minute standing ovation at the Venice International Film Festival and then clinching its loftiest accolade so far, the Golden Lion, is not a run-of-the-mill incident in the global cinematic landscape.
  • Aedes-infested hospitals treat dengue patients

    A tide of anxiety swept over the medical community when a survey by the disease control division of the Directorate General of Health