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  • The Retirement

    The human race is doing quite well. There was a possibility of a climate catastrophe in the early 21st century but they came to their senses soon enough and managed to deal with it by 2050.
  • Blur

    Anik blames the alarm on his phone for failing to wake him up at 7 AM despite him snoozing it 3 times. He decided to skip shower since it will take him at least an hour to reach his office in Gulshan from his home in Shegun Bagicha thanks to the morning traffic. He
  • The Dive

    This is it. I'm doing it. I'm putting an end to it. I'll shut him up.
  • Internet CRAZES of 2015

    The internet tends to obsess over the weirdest of things. You can never predict what it will be and how it will start...
  • The Cheapest Man on Earth

    Iqbal woke with a start as the Airbus A380 touched the runway at John F Kennedy Airport. Sadat was already awake.