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  • Oasis under the grey clouds

    But of course, monsoon is not without its nuances — the gloom and melancholy, the clogged-up roads, and the unfortunate floods.
  • My herd and I

    He is as muscular and burly as those men depicted in S M Sultan’s paintings. And usually bare-chested that showed much of his rough, weather-beaten skin, the resemblance is uncanny. For Sattar, after all, also faces the same hardships Sultan’s men faced and lives the lifestyle of a common villager.
  • A cut above: The Mirkadim breed of cows

    But dig deeper, and you will realise Mirkadim is like no other. It is the home of Mirkadim cows, a distinct class in our livestock industry — the highly celebrated and premium, ‘Mirkadim er goru’.
  • Fancy that!

    Jazzing up your beloved animal with garland, ‘mala’, is nothing new, but the enthusiasm with which this is done nowadays by a growing number of people, definitely is!
  • Ohana: For a rare Hawaiian treat in Dhaka

    Dhaka’s culinary scene is getting more and more cosmopolitan, with waves of eateries opening up and popularising cuisines of various regions. Case in point: Ohana Diner which offers Hawaiian cuisine.