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  • M H Haider

  • Our attitude towards heritage

    The history of this land is obviously not just 50 years old. It goes back much deeper than that; a long, complicated, and fascinating journey throughout several centuries,
  • Ethnic treats of Chittagong Hill Tracts in Dhaka

    Far away from the capital lies the awe-inspiring Chittagong Hill Tracts, with its pristine natural beauty and distinct cultures.
  • Our Lal Miah: The peasant artist

    Whenever I stand in front of those vast canvases of S M Sultan — or Lal Miah, as he was called — I try to grasp not only their artistic value, but also the incredible life their maker had lived. In both, I fail.
  • Raffinato: For the love of authentic Italian cuisine

    In Dhaka, there are several eateries serving Italian delicacies, but Raffinato may be argued to be a cut above, as this restaurant in Gulshan-2 is relentless about serving only authentic Italian and not unoriginal versions or twists of it.
  • The cashless revolution

    And why not go cashless? Whether you pay through your credit card at a retail outlet or via your mobile phone, it is much more efficient and easier to manage -- not to forget that you are shedding off the hassle and safety concerns that come with carrying cash.