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  • Muri mania

    Muri khao- I do not quite care how this phrase came to be. We all know the meaning. The urban dictionary would define ‘muri khao’ as an expression used by a person in response to another,
  • Toys and simpler times

    “One day, you and I will be as far apart as this kite is now from the natai,” he said and giggled. “You will be a gentleman working in an air-conditioned office. I will be a labourer in some distant land.”
  • Bonbibi: The guardian spirit of the Sundarbans

    The tiger was not far away. He saw the large animal that was coming towards him. Fierce. Greedy. Hungry. Death comes in different
  • Zoom in for a better future

    When Evergreen Zoom Bangladesh Foundation started its first school in 2016, it had just 13 students and about 50 volunteers. Today, the organisation runs five schools with approximately 450 students and more than a 1000 volunteers.
  • In bliss

    Frown all you want, but I reckon there is something weirdly blissful about smashing stuff! So much so, I do not mind going on record to say that the sound of shattering glass is oddly therapeutic to me. Before you take me as a loony on the run, I ask you to download Smash Hit on your mobile phone.