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  • M H Haider

  • Our Lal Miah: The peasant artist

    Whenever I stand in front of those vast canvases of S M Sultan — or Lal Miah, as he was called — I try to grasp not only their artistic value, but also the incredible life their maker had lived. In both, I fail.
  • Raffinato: For the love of authentic Italian cuisine

    In Dhaka, there are several eateries serving Italian delicacies, but Raffinato may be argued to be a cut above, as this restaurant in Gulshan-2 is relentless about serving only authentic Italian and not unoriginal versions or twists of it.
  • The cashless revolution

    And why not go cashless? Whether you pay through your credit card at a retail outlet or via your mobile phone, it is much more efficient and easier to manage -- not to forget that you are shedding off the hassle and safety concerns that come with carrying cash.
  • Dr Jahangir Kabir: A perfectionist at heart

    Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, of course, the surgeon too has honed his skill with time, just like musical maestros who develop their skills for years and years. Dr Kabir believes that confidence is key.
  • Dr Rezaul Hassan: Embracing the frontiers of cardiac surgery

    Bangladesh has progressed a lot in the field of heart surgery, with new frontiers, advancements, and milestones achieved. So much so that many people nowadays opt for treatment within the country, instead of seeking to go abroad.