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  • Maliha Khan

    The writer is a graduate of the Asian University for Women with a major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

  • No Woman's Land

    Hamida Begum's* husband had beat her yet again. But this time was different. He had also uttered talaq three times, essentially divorcing her according to the Islamic customs of the Rohingya community.
  • Witness to Horror: In conversation with advocate Razia Sultana

    Razia Sultana is a Rohingya lawyer and educator in Bangladesh. She is currently one of 16 women activists featured by the Nobel Women's Initiative for their work as change makers in their societies.
  • A novel crisscrossing cultures and time

    The Storm is a tale of multiple compelling characters from around the world but all tied back to a crucial time and place in South Asia—a storm based on the real 1970 Bhola cyclone.
  • Documenting the abuse

    Testimonies gathered by the UN, various non-governmental organisations, and foreign government fact-finding teams in Bangladesh are being used to get legal justice for the Rohingya
  • The short story

    Short stories are in. Or is the short story dead? Is it seeing a resurgence? The genre seems to be in need of constant justification despite established and novice writers alike constantly churning out short stories.