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  • Student wings of political parties: At what price?

    In April 2010, when the draft of the National Education Policy 2010 was under discussion, five of the most distinguished and respected academics of the country issued a joint statement titled “Banish mal-politics from the education sphere:
  • Schooling the deprived children: “One size” cannot fit all

    In Sariakandi upazila of Bogura district, there are 168 primary schools, 44 of which are in char or sandy shoals created by the shifting and temperamental Jamuna River. The Daily Star reporter Mostafa Shabuj visited 16 of the char schools recently.
  • Can it be the beginning of a ‘decade of education’ plan?

    In the run-up to preparing the budget for the financial year 2019-2020, consultations are being held, like in the previous years, by the finance minister and his senior colleagues with various stakeholders.
  • Looking beyond one's own turf

    Leave no one behind” is the guiding spirit of the education agenda to be achieved by 2030 under the global Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015.
  • Bangladesh in the next three decades

    On March 22–24, a three-day conference on visualising Bangladesh in the next 30 years was organised at Yale University by Bangladesh Development Initiative (BDI), an organisation of academics of Bangladeshi origin in North America. It was an occasion to share and debate progress and challenges of development in Bangladesh.