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  • Marzia Rahman

  • Truth, or Dare

    After finishing college, I wanted to stay in the city a bit longer, to look for a job, read more books, hang out with my friends. But most importantly, I wanted to find out whether Daniel was ready to take the next step.
  • A Writer's Enigma

    I cannot write. For a month, it lingers. Every morning, I sit in front of my laptop and hope to write something new, something noble. But nothing comes out. Not a word, not a sentence. As if the sea of creativity has dried up.
  • Our Story

    Here, we stand in silence;
  • In Search of a Hero

    “If I were a hero …” Arif stopped suddenly.
  • A G Stock's Memoirs of Dacca University

    “The book is a memoir, not a history, and makes no claim to a historian's detachment or research.” With this statement, A G Stock