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  • Mathews Chiran

  • Problems faced by newly-included wards numerous

    Speeding up mosquito control activities, proper waste management, repairing roads and solving waterlogging problems -- these are the main issues residents of newly-added wards expect to be solved by their mayor.
  • No recruitment at city corporations in 8 years

    While the two Dhaka city corporations often get flak for delay in development and other works or lacking in implementation of plans, a lot of those criticisms would sound rather harsh when one considers that there have been no new recruitment to the city corporations in over eight years -- since Dhaka City Corporation was split in two in 2011 -- and a large number of posts remain vacant.
  • The guerrilla of Garo hills

    Every day at the break of dawn, Albert Mrong sets out from home on his bicycle with a bag full of medicines. He rides over the uneven terrain of Madhupur -- surrounded by banana orchards -- stopping at homes of worried villagers and giving them necessary vaccines and antidote for their cattle.
  • Good initiative falls short

    With an aim to help pedestrians cross an intersection safely and reduce risks of accidents, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) in October installed “push button time countdown” signal systems on a pilot basis in two of its areas.
  • Dhaka Airport’s Middle Marker: Restricted area, unbridled access

    On one side of a road that goes to Bawnia through Dolipara in Uttara, there’s a runway for planes to land at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. This restricted area is demarcated with a tall-wire fence, from which people often look through to see airplanes come and go.