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  • Does Instagram care about your mental health?

    Bid farewell to Instagram “likes” since the app has recently started testing out the removal of the likes count on posts.
  • The Prospects and Promises of E-learning

    Technological advancement is ensuring convenience for us in almost every step of our lives, starting with online shopping, ride-sharing services, and of course, food order and delivery.
  • Do you have the wrong opinion?

    Social media platforms are where we truly are not ourselves. At least, in most cases. With millions of people sharing the same platform, it’s no surprise that we feel the pressure to push out unique content in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • The bad influence of influencers

    Bangladesh has recently seen an influx of social media influencers, making it one of the most up and coming career options for the youth.
  • Trends worth starting

    Trends have no positive outcomes other than the inflation of egos of the trend followers. Therefore, we should strive to start trends that are in the best interest of the people